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Custom Cosmetic Formulations

Custom Formulation

Want to create your own unique product formula for your brand? At Cosmetic Labs Canada, we private label our own products, but if you are interested in developing your own custom formula, we have the capability to manufacture custom formulas.


Custom Product Formulation

If you are looking to make a minor change to an existing Cosmetic Labs Canada stock formulation, such as changing fragrance or adding an extract, our Research and Development (R&D) fee is $______ with a minimum order quantity of _____ units per formula. For this, our lead time is about 8 weeks from the approved artwork.

To begin custom product development, our R&D fee is ______ with a minimum order quantity of _____+ units per formula, depending on the product’s batch sizes, fill quantities and raw materials. This requires a lead time of about 16-20 weeks.

Our R&D fees provide full access to our R&D chemists, our procurement team, a dedicated project manager, and includes preservative challenge testing, stability assessment and component compatibility to assure your product’s best chances for success in the market.