Cosmetic Labs Canada

Know Our Cosmetics

Know the OC Difference… We believe in providing Quality, Natural Cosmetics that will leave your skin begging for more. All our Hair, Bath & Skin Care is distributed World Wide, and is found in over 22 Sick Children’s Hospital’s across Canada. See the difference in our products in just one application. Have questions? give us a call, our professional staff are all licensed beauticians, medical professionals and educators. Our products are designed & enhanced to increase absorption without the use of harsh chemicals. The easier the cell can absorb our natural bliss, the  less cellular stress occurs, promoting health cellular growth. Where were combine nature and science into one…



We spend our time sourcing high quality ingredients from hard working farmer’s not the Rain Forest.


Fair Trade, NOT Free Trade                                                                                                                                                                                                       We source our premium crop from hard working farmer’s. We don’t barter,  we pay premium price’s for our organic ingredient’s, after all quality isn’t cheap..


RE-USABLE PACKAGING:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Over 85% of our product’s have been designed in re-usable packaging.


Earth Friendly Packaging: We REUSE First, and RECYCLE second. We believe that our packaging should be REUSED by the consumer. Recycling uses power, is not 100% earth friendly, and is Simply order the refillable eco friendly packets, and pour it into your original bottle. It’s that simple and save 5-15% on all refills.

Companies who boast on throwing their packaging into recycling bins, believe in increased green house gases, waisting energy, and plastic pollution.

Recycle Program
Choose (refill Packaging) and your product will be filled in a virgin plastic heat sealed bag. These bags reduce plastic waste up to 98% compared to recycling a bottle. T