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Your IMage... Your BRAND It's As Easy AS 1-2-3

Creating your brand does NOT require a huge investment and is NOT a huge scary task. At CLC we make super easy! it’s easier than 1-2-3-4.  You will indeed spend less $ per unit if we are processing thousands of the same sku, but that requires a huge investment.  We believe in focusing in smaller minimum order quantity (MOQ)  for our customer’s allowing you to offer more products with your brand. After all the more products the more brand visibility on the web and in store. 


Step 1 – Choose Your Product

What products are you wanting to brand? If so, click on the tab PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS and add the samples to your cart. Check out and wait for your samples to arrive in just a few days. Once your samples arrive, test them for a few day’s and make sure they are everything you ever wanted. If you  have any question’s call us at 705-910-0338 ext 2 or email us at [email protected]

Step 2 – Choose Your Packaging

Now that you have picked out your products that you would like to proceed with. We need to look at packaging. Do you like the container found on the image? or are you looking for a custom solution. We have access to thousands of packaging options, so if you do not see it let us know and we will be happy to find it at no additional cost *min might apply


Step 2A – Choose Your Fragrance 

Choose a fragrance, when building your product line, remember than not all clients will love what you will. It is important to offer a variety of fragrances or essential oil blends to please everyone. Click here to check out all our fragrances. If you do not see something  you like, let us know as our perfumist has over 1500 scents available.

If you currently use a blend and would like us to add it when we are processing the order, please send a bottle of fragrance wit your company name on it, along with “your blend name”. We will keep this product safe and use it when creating your blend at no extra charge. 

Step 3 – We Design From Scratch 

 We got your product and your bottle is selected, now we need a design. 

Our in house design & branding experts will be happy to walk you through the creating a brand that will make your product stand out above the rest. Send us a few screen shots of which “other brands” you like and why, along with a copy of your large PDF logo  and we will be happy to create your own design just for you. Please be as specific as possible as our team is able to complete several labels per hour if it is all there for us. 

Design Charge $70 Per/ hr

Step 3A -You Design, We Set It Up

We got your product and your bottle is selected, now we need a design. 

Some of our clients choose to have their designer create the label/ brand which is completely OK. Have your designer  email us the labels in file such as a (.pxm, .ai, .pdf). Click here  to check out our label/ screen print options & Layout. Images must be print ready. We are not responsible for the label contents. 

Ready To Print……………….FREE 

Labels Not Ready To Print……….. Design Charge $70 Per/ hr

email: [email protected]

What’s Next? When will my order arrive? 

First Time Orders: typically are ready to ship within 3 weeks. If we suspect it will be delayed we will let you know at step 2. 

Re-Orders : typically are ready to ship within 2 weeks. If we suspect it will be delayed we will let you know. Some item’s such as hot pour items, aerosols, and custom order packaging might take an extra week, but we are happy to say re-orders ship within 2 weeks if not sooner. 




5 Star Customer Performance

1. How Long Will My Order Take?                                                                                                   Typically first time orders will take 3 weeks from the date of payment and acceptance of completion of final artwork 

2. Do You Offer Credit Terms?                                                                                                         CLC does not offer credit terms. We offer the best price forward. All orders must be paid in full prior to entering into the production que. Once the order is complete we will update the invoice with the accurate quoted shipping charged and send a second payment request prior to shipping your order. We quote shipping for each and every order once it is complete to ensure your paying the lowest possible price when it comes to shipping.                   

3. What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?                                                                               CLC accepts E Transfer, Cheque and direct deposit (money tranasfer). We do accept credit card ;however, since we strive to offer excellent pricing a 3% processing fee will be charged on all visa/ Mastercard transactions if you choose to use this method. Please let us know, so we can edit the invoice.