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Private Label Q & A


Weather your looking for bulk product, contract filling or a white glove private label service, you at the right place at last.

Design Services

We don’t just sell cosmetic’s after all, we create them. Our team has been working with cosmetics for over 24 years, and we know cosmetics best. Our design team will walk you through bringing your brand to life, step by step.

Q: How does our design services work?

A: We charge $75.00 Per Hour CND for design services. The more information you provide our design team, the faster and cheaper it will cost. Providing some examples to our team will allow them to get a clear conscise pictures of what your expecting your brand to look like, cutting down on the design fee’s substantially.

Q: How many label can you design in an hour?

A: Great Question! We can design 3-4 labels per hour if are on the right track and the correct info is provided

Q: What bottle printing options do you offer?

A; We offer state of the art Bottle Screen Printing & Label printing onsite. You wont have to order your labels, or ship your bottles else where to get them printed. Most label companies make you purchase hundreds of the same label at a time, with our machines we can print as little as 2 labels, and upward to 1100 labels per hour.


You name it, we can screen it. With our new state of the art bottle screen printers. we can now print flat, oval and round bottles. There is a one time charge for screen printing to set up the screens of $34.99 Per Product single colour,