What is Private Labeling, and how to get started!

Proudly made fresh for you at the time of order. Our products are made from natural, organic, USP certified Ingredients which are sourced from around the globe. Our QA team scrutinizes each ingredient, batch codes and Certificates of Analysis to  ensure the purest product is used and formulated in our cosmetics . Proudly using over 90% Eco Certified natural ingredients sourced
 from FAIR trade, NOT FREE Trade suppliers.


Think products, packaging & scents! Cosmetic Labs Canada offers over 200 formulations for you to choose from, ranging from body, skin, hair care, and everything in-between, each formulated for professional results and made with high-quality ingredients including naturally derived and organic ingredients. In addition to top-tier formulations, we offer a comprehensive selection of packaging variations & fragrance options for you to customize your products to align with your brand!

Choose your favorites that you know your clients will love. Sample our products here.

Define Your Offerings

Focus on your message and the details of your opening order! Now that you know what products and packaging you want to offer, you’ll have to work through the details. What will you call your products? How many of each will you want to order for your first run? What Packaging options will you choose? These details will all need to be decided by you in order for us to produce your products.

Label Design & Printing

Time to plan your design! Your labels will end up being one of the most important details of your final product. CLC has am outstanding team of Graphic Designers who specialize in personal care logo and label design and are ready to help! We offer extensive services for both logo and label design.


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