Non-GS1 Compliant. These Barcodes are specifically assigned to you ONLY. There All of the barcodes we sell originated from the UCC, which is what GS1 was previously known as, but if you buy barcode numbers from Cosmetic Labs Canada, your name will not show up in GS1’s GEPIR database as this is associated with a per product fee, calculated yearly to maintain the GS1 Database. These barcodes are what most companies have used unless you are planning to sell to Walmart, Costco, or other Large International Retails. Our Barcodes are Perfect if you wish to distribute the products Nationally or Internationally through smaller distribution chains such as amazon, your online store, online retailers etc.


Why Should I Use Barcodes? 

Since the pricing process has changed, the way people shop and sell their products has also changed. Now, customers can leave the store in mere seconds after shopping and receive the bill from the store. The reason behind this is the existence of barcode numbers. A barcode is a product lookup code that is made up of the lines and numbers that you see. There is no information hidden within the barcode. The majority of goods produced by manufacturers and products sold by retailers have a barcode attached to them either directly on the product label or by a sticker. Barcodes are for scanners connected to a computer that reads and tracks the price information of a product. This process enables the seller to make the receipt for the customer in the shortest possible time. Gone are the days when cashiers manually type product prices which used to consume a lot of time and also used to be a hassle for most customers.

How do I get my company name and product information into the barcode?

There is no information hidden within a barcode. The lines are a font that a barcode scanner reads to tell it what the numbers are that are shown below in the human-readable format.

Every retailer, whether online or in a physical store, will have a check-in process. They will tell you what information (company name, product name, product description, barcode number, etc.) they want from you and they will tell you how they want you to submit that information to them. Once they have that information, they will input it into their point-of-sale database. Each different retailer has to do this. That is what allows you to go to various stores and buy the exact same product with the exact same barcode number, but have it be sold for different prices.

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Shipping & Delivery

CLC will use the best-calculated shipping rate for all order’s which will be calculated once the order is processed. Shipping fees will be calculated based on actual freight wt & Dimensions (Dimensional Wt).  We use the best quoted rate with UPS, PUROLATOR or DHL with domestic & International orders. 


  • Our cosmetics are Manufactured in Canada and ARE EXEMPT from USA/ MEXICO Duty. 
  • SHIPPING TO  USA or Mexico will be charged a broker &  State/ Provincial Tax.  The broker fee’s are typically minimal fee to clear your items with Custom’s. 
  • International Orders  may be Duty Free, please consult with a broker depending on the destination. 


If a customer chooses to provide shipping labels, the customer must insure that the goods are shipped as Fragile & Liquids. The customer is responsible for all damages obtained and to put an order in with their carrier’s insurance if required. We are NOT responsible for 3rd Party shipping claims.

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