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Take your Brand to the NEXT step. Elevate your brand and have the leading edge when you compare your brand against your competitors.

Tyler has over 14 years in experience in cosmetic and collaborating with some of the largest brands in North America, while creating, formulating and assessing brands.

Are you asking yourself some of these questions? 

– Not sure what the next step is
– Is the market saturated?
– Is your idea considered a drug or natural health product?
– Is your product achievable? What are some of the barriers that will get in your way?
– Is there a similar product we have already created or that is already on the market?
– Is there a roadblock that might cause an issue when launching your brand?
– Already creating a product and want to take it to the next level?



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  • Our cosmetics are Manufactured in Canada and ARE EXEMPT from USA/ MEXICO Duty. 
  • SHIPPING TO  USA or Mexico will be charged a broker &  State/ Provincial Tax.  The broker fee’s are typically minimal fee to clear your items with Custom’s. 
  • International Orders  may be Duty Free, please consult with a broker depending on the destination. 


If a customer chooses to provide shipping labels, the customer must insure that the goods are shipped as Fragile & Liquids. The customer is responsible for all damages obtained and to put an order in with their carrier’s insurance if required. We are NOT responsible for 3rd Party shipping claims.

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