Citric Acid

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Citric Acid Anhydrous (30-80 Mesh)


Used to adjust the pH in cosmetics and Natural Health Products. A must-have ingredient used to make bath bombs, shower tabs, foaming bath salts and more.  Citric acid helps in the removal of dead skin so used for home foot & masks and works well to exfoliate feet.

INCI : Citric Acid

Tested with automatic Bath Bomb Machines. ** We recommend you test the product as formulations may need to be adjusted. **ALUMINUM FREE***

Uses Bath Bombs, Shower Tabs, Dry Shampoo, Carpet Cleaner, Bath truffles, bathy fizzy, foot soaks and more..
Particle Size 30-80 mesh
Country Of Origin: USA
Weight: 25 kg / Bag
Applications vary widely and are believed to include food, cosmetic and Natural Health Product Fields.
Notes/ Consideration: CLC citric acid is anhydrous. NON-GMO 



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