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Pure Magnesium Soak




Discover the purest form of relaxation with our Pure Magnesium Soak. Crafted with the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade magnesium flakes, this soak is your gateway to revitalized well-being and muscle relaxation.

Elevate your bath time to a realm of pure relaxation and well-being. Our Pure Magnesium Soak is the embodiment of simplicity and purity, allowing you to unwind and recharge, naturally. Experience the transformative power of magnesium, and make self-care a priority.

Revitalize your body and mind with each luxurious soak. Try our Pure Magnesium Soak and immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of pure magnesium flakes.

Net Wt 600g

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Chloride, Fragrance/Parfume*.

*Unscented products do not contain fragrance/parfume.

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Unscented, Coconut, Green Tea & White Pear, Pink Sugar, Plumeria, Vanilla


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